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Aerial View of Suburban Street


Building a new World

Phivienda: About

The Problem

Covid-19 exposed a tremendous global deficit of decent housing in the World and in particular in Latin America

More than 100 millions Latin Americans do not have access to a decent house to build a family with dignity.

Government, and multilateral programs have dedicated numerous resources over the past 30 years to tackle the housing issues in LATAM yet the problem persist and its getting worst

The need for work and to reactivate the economies hit by the pandemic becomes imperative and urgent

Our Solution

Support Group

Empowering People

"It arises from the People, it is powered by the People and controlled by the People"

With axis in the Latin American Association of New Owners that brings together neighborhood communities, collectivities, organizations, professionals, social movements from more than 10 countries and with a vocation to train, empower and assist 10 million potential new owners

Our Goal is to build 1 million housing units in Latin America

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