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Alfredo Spilzinger


Alfredo Splizinger  is a senior Investment professional with an extensive international network and long experience in Cross border transactions , Mergers and Acquisitions   is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires as doctor in Economic Sciences, Master in Economics and Certified Public Accountant. In the USA Pacific Western University he graduated as PhD in Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration, with post degrees in modern mathematics, sociology and physics. In the UK, he graduated in financial planning and in Italy on state owned organizations management. Alfredo Spilzinger is also chairman of the board of Santa Fe Business School, and scientific director at the World Complex Sciences Academy.
Prior to be member of the board of Santa Fe Associates, he was member of the board and Director for Central and South America in Grant Thornton International. He was named Lord of Brownsel (UK) for his investigations on the evolution of the financial and banking industry, and awarded by the Major of the City of Miami with the keys of the City of Miami for his efforts connecting the USA and the Mercosur. He was also undersecretary of the treasure in Argentina and chairman of the board of a state owned bank.
Keynote speaker, Books and articles writer. Fluent in Italian, English, Spanish.

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