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Charles Mack

General Council & Partner

Based in Europe, CHARLES MACK developed his career as a Corporate Lawyer in London, Padova and Munich, Dr. Mack has developed and impressive proprietary origination network through out Europe and international network in different sectors and activities. With relevant contacts with most significant entrepreneurial families, banks and financial groups, academic leaders and political authorities at National and Municipal level.
Former White & Case Partner specialized in financial restructuring, with an extensive experience in conducting companies through transition events reinforcing family leaderships with new partners and international capital. He has been conducting complex multilateral and multicultural negotiations under pressure.
§As president of the European chapter of the International Insol Institute he had a paramount role in the development of the legal framework and financial mechanisms aiming to preserve the companies life, jobs and growth. As a consequence of the previous he became an influential player in front of entrepreneurs, institutional investors, union leaders, and community authorities.
Origination, Negotiation, Structuring and Closing are his natural value added in the investment process.
Keynote speaker, books and articles writer. Fluent in Italian, German, English, Spanish.

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